Brenda Houston – 2017-08-01 12:15:47

HI : I have been thinking about your family so much since i biked you into Victoria on June 22. We just returned from our boat trip up north .
I have just read all your incredible adventures ! Amazing ! Looking forward to reading daily .
So proud of ALL of you !
Now on to planning my PEI ( family time with mom ,cycle tour for friends and then Montreal.
I will be arriving into Montreal on Sept 2 to help my daughter set up for university . I thought i would book 2 nights hotel and then if you offer still stands would come visit you Sept 4 and possibly stay with you one night . One BC couple who will be riding with PEI also are going to visit their daughter going to McGill at the same time. I plan to join them biking Sept 5-8 somewhere in Quebec and return to Montreal Sept 8 for 2 nights , leaving very early am for home on Sept 9. If possible would love to stay with you and even borrow you bike for the 3 days or get your help to rent one . Only if this can work for you ? Let me know your thoughts. I wasn”t sure when you will be returning home ?Look forward to hearing from you. Big Hugs form your Vancouver Island family .
xoxo Brenda ( the first warm shower lady )
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