Vincent Trevisonno – 2017-07-12 20:16:40

I have enjoyed your adventure very much and I simply admire you and your beautiful family………but I want you to return safe and sound……so you made a wise decision to leave BC with the fires that are going on. Even though BC is a beautiful province, as you say, it is not worth risking the health of you and your family by staying there. I will continue following your adventure, but get away from that dangerous fire zone.

Stay safe and enjoy.
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Kamloops – Jasper

Kamloops – Jasper, by train

Again, because of the wildfire situation in BC, we decided to not expose ourselves (and especially our son who is asthmatic) to the omnipresent smoke. This section would have been wonderful to bike. “Health and well being before bragging rights”, as a wise man once said.