Île Perrot – LaSalle, 37km

Île Perrot – LaSalle, 37km

First time riding in Québec on this trip. “La route verte” is a mix of bike path and roadside shoulder on this section. The surface is paved all the way although it can be quite bumpy at times (due to tree roots under asphalt or just uneven asphalt). Very scenic ride through West-Island along the Saint Lawrence river, passing through beautiful residential areas as well. Welcome to Québec!

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  1. Now that your adventure is nearing its end, I would like to make a little suggestion. Since your 2 “cocos” were so brave and couragous on this very eventful voyage, Why don’t you make them post their thoughts about their whole adventure. I am sure they have lots of stuff to say about it.

    Welcome back!!!!

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